Do you have a website that hasn’t been updated in a while and needs some help? We can clean up that website quickly for you…

Our Website Quick Clean Up Process Includes:

  • Find and repair broken images and links
  • Readjust image size
  • Add missing ALT labels on IMG (image) files
  • Test all email addresses and forms
  • Update copyright dates
  • Spell check the entire site
  • Add a “favicon” file

The cost of getting a website cleaned up will vary and depend on how many pages there are, how the website is set up and how much work there is to do. In some cases, it might just be worth doing a complete website redesign. If that is the case, then we will quote that option for you.

Don’t let your website sit there any longer in bad shape. Contact us today to see how inexpensively we can get your site cleaned up!